Homeland Security Emergency
Air Transportation System


HSEATS is the United States civil aviation response to disasters. It is a jointly coordinated program that utilizes aircraft owned and flown by volunteer pilots, corporate business jets, air ambulance services through Air Compassion America and donated airline tickets through Mercy Medical Airlift ©.

The HSEATS system is designed to respond to small local disasters or major national disasters when government/commercial resources are not available.

Request Services

To Request Missions

Primary # 888-581-3752

Secondary # 888-849-0506

National Communications Center Primary # When Activated


Satellite Phone Number: 757-512-5315 (active during emergencies)

HSEATS National Communications Center (Non-Emergency)

4620 Haygood Rd., Ste. 1

Virginia Beach, VA 23455

Admin: 757-318-9174

Fax: 757-318-9107

Available Assets

Volunteer pilots/planes

More than 7,200 volunteer pilots and planes available nationwide (4-6 seat private aircraft) to execute the following missions:

  • Shipment of small high-priority cargo (non-hazardous) up to 300-400 pounds (boxed)
  • Aerial reconnaissance of disaster area
  • Air transport of disaster response personnel and evacuees
  • Relocation of special populations

Commercial airline ticket resources

Provided through our partnership with Mercy Medical Airlift ©

  • Evacuation/Relocation of disaster victims

Corporate aviation resources

Business Aviation resources (mostly corporate jets) through Corporate Aviation Responding to Emergencies, a program of National Business Aircraft Association members to execute the following missions:

  • Air transport of disaster response personnel and evacuees
  • Air transport of high-priority small cargo
  • Relocation of special populations

Professional air ambulance

Provided through our partnership with Air Compassion America ©

  • Air Ambulance resources are available at a discounted rate (average savings is 38%) to execute missions involving non-ambulatory patients needing medical care/monitoring en-route.