Footprint of the Sacred

“El Salvador: footprint of the sacred” , represents a new challenge for this unique and incomparable temple and for its management team. With the aim of bringing and disseminating the religious, artistic, patrimonial and historical values that the Colegial del Salvador treasures, this project was born to enhance the value of the building and to approach its unique sacred footprint, which is nothing more than the living vestige of our own history.

After the success of the “Open for works” project, which allowed us to see first-hand the integral restoration process of El Salvador until its reopening in 2008, the development of cultural visits to the temple that the Cathedral Council itself has been promoting since 2009 continued. with the same level of acceptance.

It is now, with this third phase of enhancement, when it is intended to make known areas that are not normally accessible from the temple through guided tours by qualified personnel. During a little over an hour and a half, visitors will approach the Patio de los Naranjos, Cryptas, Camarín de la Virgen de las Aguas and Covers del Salvador in a perfect communion between past and present through an exciting journey through the different cultures that they have lived together in Seville and of which the Colegial is a living trace.

These visits are designed for a maximum of 20 people per group and will be divided into three thematic blocks:

  • From Rome to the Baroque
  • Baroque Spirituality
  • From Heaven of the Savior
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